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Car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the United States. When accidents cause injuries, victims and families can face tremendous consequences. While legal avenues are available in their fight for compensation, large insurance companies do everything possible to make the process exceedingly difficult. That’s why it becomes crucial to work with proven personal injury lawyers who can walk you through your legal journey and toward the recovery you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in the Houston area, consider involving a Houston car crash attorney from our firm. We're available 24/7 and can come to you if you can't make it to us!

Why Stern Law Group?

You can feel confident about choosing Stern Law Group to fight for your rights after a preventable accident, and here’s why:

  • Totaled carOver 150 Years’ Combined Experience
  • Over 40,000 Accident Victims Helped
  • Over $1 Billion in Verdicts & Settlements on behalf of our clients
  • 24/7 Availability - FREE Case Reviews
  • If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay

During our time in practice, our legal team has handled a wide range of accident and injury cases, including those involving catastrophic injuries, highly contested claims, and difficult battles at trial. Because of our experience, resources, and unrelenting drive to win, we’ve been able to earn positive results time and time again for our clients, and secure hundreds of millions in compensation on their behalves.

Types of car accident claims our firm has represent include:

If you’ve been harmed in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, a defective auto part, or for some other reason, we invite you to learn more about why we’re the right choice.

No matter the nature of your car accident, our attorneys are capable of evaluating your case, determining the extent of liability involved, and working diligently to file a successful claim. Do not believe that your claim will be resolved automatically or fairly without an attorney's help – you need a legal professional to protect your rights.

Why You Need a Houston Car Accident Attorney

If you or someone you love suffered a serious injury, you've probably asked yourself, " Do I need a lawyer?" This is a question faced by any car crash victim, and its answer will depend on the severity of a collision, how the claim is being handled and other factors.

Client Testimonial

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We recommend scheduling a free case review to see whether you may benefit from working with an attorney. In cases involving serious injuries, denied or delayed insurance claims, and questions of liability, you may need a legal professional's help.

The Stern Law Group Advantage

Insurance companies will do whatever they can to shift blame away from their drivers and transfer some percentage of fault to you. This can result in unfair compensation, and in some cases may result in you being held liable for causing the accident. By working with a Houston car accident attorney at Stern Law Group, you place a proven team on your side – a team that fights for the compensation you rightfully deserve and can protect you from false liability. Let us help you level the playing field between you and insurance companies.

Having helped more than 40,000 clients and recovered more than $1 billion in settlements & verdicts on behalf of our clients, we know that we have what it takes to achieve satisfaction and success.
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Our lawyers are passionate about our clients and do whatever it takes to help them and their families receive the monetary compensation to cover their expenses and damages. Aside from providing you with experienced legal assistance during your claim, we also make it a point to devote our earnest support toward meeting your needs. We provide reasonable living expenses, rental/car assistance & medical costs for qualified clients. That is our level of commitment.

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