Car Accident FAQ

Calling for help after car accidentAnswers from a Houston Car Accident Lawyer

The time surrounding a car accident could be confusing. You want to make sure you take the necessary steps so that you are properly compensated for property damages, injuries and even noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. Our Houston attorneys have provided a list of helpful answers to some of the most common questions about car accidents, listed below.

  1. What if the other driver wasn't insured?
  2. What if the at-fault driver has insurance, but not enough?
  3. Is UM/UIM coverage required in Texas?
  4. What happens if my auto insurance claim is denied?
  5. If I was hit by a drunk driver, can I file a lawsuit?
  6. What if I wasn't the one driving at the time of the accident?
  7. What is insurance bad faith?
  8. How much can I recover?
  9. Do I have to contact my insurance company?
  10. Do I need an attorney for my car accident case?
  11. What if I was partially at fault for my accident?
  12. Do I need to see a doctor after a car accident if I don't feel hurt?

Free Car Accident Case Evaluations

If you still have questions about what to do following a car accident, or you were recently involved in a car accident and you would like to inquire about representation, please do not hesitate to contact Stern Law Group as soon as possible. One of the major advantages of contacting a Houston attorney from our firm is that we provide free case evaluations. We understand that many people aren't even sure if they are entitled to legal representation following an accident.

Stern Law Group will not make you pay for your initial consultation with us. Simply explain your case to us, and we will give you counsel on what type of representation you might be able to receive. Not only are initial consultations free, but they are also kept confidential. These consultations in no way obligate you to our firm. Simply call us so that we can assist you through the often-difficult process of auto accident claims. Let us walk you through your case and fight to see that you get maximum financial compensation!