What Happens if My Auto Insurance Claim Is Denied?

In the event that your insurance company denies your claim after a car accident, you should receive an official letter of denial. This should state the exact reasons for denial. If you do not agree, then you can request a reconsideration. A Houston attorney from our firm can evaluate your auto insurance policy as well as the accident to determine if you were wrongfully denied coverage.Denied Claim

Stern Law Group will first evaluate your accident as well as the coverage that is laid out in your auto insurance policy. After evaluating the insurance company's reason for denial, we will see if that matches up with the facts of your case. If your insurance company denies your claim because they say you did not pay your premium, but you have records of payment, then we can assist in compiling the proof so that your claim can be reconsidered and approved.

There is a further level of dispute you can enter into. If the insurance company reconsiders your request and still denies your claim, then you may be able to file an appeal with the Texas Department of Insurance. The Houston lawyers at our firm will be able to assist with this process. We can walk you through the appeals process and build a strong case so that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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