Texas Car Accident Liability

Rear-end car accidentSeek Justice with a Houston Accident Attorney

Liability, or legal responsibility, is an important issue to address in the aftermath of a serious car accident. This will help you determine from what source (or sources) you can seek financial compensation for such expenses or losses as: medical bills, damage to your vehicle, lost earnings, emotional trauma and possibly more. Liability is not always a clear-cut issue, making it important to involve a Houston lawyer who can properly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident, the terms of your own insurance policy and a number of other important matters.

At Stern Law Group, we recognize the importance of properly identifying and assigning fault in a car accident case. Working with private investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, automotive professionals and various expert witnesses, we can work to establish the sequence of events that led up to the collision and therefore the cause of the collision itself. This will then allow our attorneys to identify any and all at-fault parties, such as:

  • Another driver. This is the most common scenario in car accident claims, as the majority of collisions are caused by some form of driver negligence or wrongdoing. Examples include: drunk driving, speeding, driving while distracted, texting while driving or violating traffic laws. In cases where another driver caused your collision, you can usually collect compensation from that driver's auto insurance policy, though other sources of compensation can sometimes be identified and collected upon, depending on the case.
  • An auto manufacturer, dealership or auto part retailer. Some car accidents are caused by defective, dangerous or poorly designed motor vehicles or auto parts. In these cases, the manufacturer, distributor or retailer could be held legally responsible. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to produce vehicles and vehicle parts that are free from defects, and if they release a defective vehicle and a consumer is injured, they may be held accountable. Examples may include: tire blowouts, engine fires, brake failure, steering system malfunction, unintentional acceleration and ignition switch defects.
  • A city, county or municipality. If a roadway defect caused your collision, the city or county responsible for designing and maintaining that road may be liable for your injuries. Filing a claim against a government entity in this way can be exceedingly complex, with strict time limits, but a skilled attorney can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Examples may include: missing guardrails, large potholes, broken traffic lights, missing street signs or dangerous roadways.

Because every case is different, it takes a complete investigation to reveal what party or parties should be brought to justice after a car crash. If you are interested in discussing a specific case with one of our legal professionals, please do not hesitate to call our offices. We represent the injured throughout Houston and the surrounding areas and will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. Contact a Houston attorney today.