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A rollover accident is one of the most severe types of motor vehicle accidents. In some cases, a vehicle can flip over onto its side and others a vehicle can roll multiple times on a road or highway. A Houston attorney from our firm can fight for victims of rollover accidents to see that they seek maximum financial compensation for their injuries, which are often very severe in these types of collisions.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

There are two basic types of rollover accidents, those that are caused by "tripping" and those that are not. Tripping is a term used to describe a vehicle running over something in the road that causes it to lose friction and subsequently roll over. For example, if a vehicle comes into contact with a curb or median going at a substantial speed, there will be enough force and enough lift for the car to be sent into a roll. Untripped rollovers are typically caused by sharp turns and/or swerving. Sometimes, drivers will swerve to avoid hitting another vehicle or an object in the road. This over-compensation can throw the vehicle out of balance and cause a rollover. There are many other factors that could cause or contribute to a rollover accident, but tripped and untripped describe two major types.

In the United States, roads that have a steep incline or sharp turns will be marked with a rollover warning sign in addition to decreased speed limit signs. These signs are yellow and show a vehicle tipping onto its side with an arrow. Liability in rollover accidents depends on a number of different factors. Each car accident case has characteristics that affect liability. Your insurance company will evaluate a number of different factors to determine who is liable and who might be responsible for compensating you.

Roof Crush Injuries

Rollover accidents typically result in very serious damage and injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. One of the types of injuries results from roof crush. Depending on the make, model and year of a vehicle, the roof strength will differ. Some vehicles have weak roofs that cannot support the weight of the vehicle should it roll over. Since larger vehicles are at a higher risk for rollover, due to their height, these vehicles are typically made with stronger roofs. If the roof of a vehicle caves in because of the extreme pressure involved in this type of accident, passengers can suffer severe head and neck injuries, even death. Many vehicles are equipped with roll bars to reduce these types of injuries.

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