Speeding and Car Accidents

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Speed limits are in place for a reason – for the safety of all motorists and passengers on our roadways. They vary depending on the type and location of the road, such as a straight roadway versus a steep curve or an open freeway versus a residential street. In addition to obeying speed limits, drivers should adjust their speed according to current conditions. Road, weather and traffic should all be taken into account and speed adjusted accordingly to safely operate a motor vehicle, even if this means driving slower than the posted speed limit. Driving in heavy rain on slick roads, for example, may warrant a slower speed than the posted limit on a highway.

When drivers speed, they increase their chances of causing a collision. Speeding affects maneuverability and reduces the amount of time a driver has to react to changes in traffic or an obstacle in the road. Speeding also increases the chances that any resulting collision will cause catastrophic injury or death, as the force of impact will be greater. Taking these factors into account, it is easy to see why speeding is one of the greatest dangers we face as drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

At Stern Law Group, we are committed to helping those who have been injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents involving drivers who were speeding. If you were involved in such an accident yourself or lost a loved one in a speeding-related collision, a Houston car accident attorney at our firm may be able to help you seek justice and recover fair compensation for your injuries or loss. With more than 15 decades of collective legal experience and an unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of the injured, our legal team is here to fight for you.

Statistics for Speeding-Related Accidents

Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the United States. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), society experiences an annual economic cost of $40.4 billion due to speeding-related crashes. 10,219 people lost their lives in speeding-related traffic accidents in 2012 alone, accounting for 30% of all traffic fatalities that year. Texas had the highest number of speeding-related fatalities by far, with 1,247. The state with the second-highest number of speeding-related fatalities was California with 916.

For the NHTSA to consider an accident as "speeding-related," it must have involved a driver who was charged with a speeding offense or a case where an officer noted that racing, exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for current conditions was a contributing factor in the collision.

Considering the thousands of lives that are lost to speeding accidents in the U.S. each year, not to mention the extreme economic costs these collisions have on society, we must remember to obey the speed limits and to adjust our driving speed based on current conditions. We should demand the same in others, and should report drivers who are speeding or driving in a reckless or dangerous manner, to get them off the roads before they can injure themselves or someone else.

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