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Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Statistically, the most common cause of TBIs in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. In a severe auto collision, passengers can experience extreme whiplash, a blow to the head or even penetrating head injuries. Another common cause of brain injury is slip and fall accidents. This could include things like construction workers falling from scaffolding or pedestrians falling off of stairs from lack of appropriate guard/handrails. Sports injuries also lead to thousands of brain injuries every year. This type of injury is most common in high-contact sports such as football, ice hockey, and lacrosse. In infants, TBI is commonly referred to as shaken baby syndrome. There are various causes of brain injuries, involving both impact and no-impact trauma.

Effects, Types & Symptoms of TBIs

Listed below are some effects of brain injuries, that is, medical events that can result in conjunction with trauma to the head/brain:

  • Bacterial Meningitis is common in brain injury victims of penetrating head injuries. When outside objects puncture the skull and penetrate into the brain membrane, called "dura matter," infections can spread to the brain and even throughout the entire body.
  • Brain Swelling begins immediately after trauma to the brain and usually lasts for about three days. If swelling is not monitored and properly treated, the cranial pressure can be severe enough to permanently damage brain cells or lead to death.
  • Hemorrhages and Hematomas refer to bleeding and blood clots that form because of severe trauma to the head/brain. This can disrupt the flow of blood to the brain, resulting in too little/too much of certain substances in the brain.
  • Axon Injury is trauma to the microscopic particles in the brain known as axons. This type of injury is commonly referred to as a DAI injury and the effects of this can be mental impairment, coma or death.

Brain injuries are classified by type using the Glasgow Coma Scale:

  1. Mild has a score of 13 to 15 based on the victim's response to certain stimuli
  2. Moderate is 9 to 12
  3. Severe is 8 or less

Patients whose score indicates a severe brain injury might display symptoms such as being unable to open their eyes, not making any sounds/incomprehensible sounds, lack of movement or involuntary movements in response to painful stimuli.

Contacting a Caring and Compassionate Houston Brain Injury Attorney

At Stern Law Group, we understand the devastating effects that a traumatic brain injury can have on a person's life as well as the lives of their loved ones. Our Houston TBI lawyers can fight for you so that you recover the maximum financial compensation possible to take care of your physical, emotional and financial needs during this time. Over 40,000 people have entrusted their cases to Stern Law Group and you can trust in our firm's ability to provide you with the counsel that you need for the best legal recourse.

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