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The National Institute of General Medical Sciences also recognizes three different degrees of burns that can occur from any type of burn injury: first, second and third degree.

  • First Degree- This is the least severe type of burn. It can also be referred to as a superficial burn since the damage only affects the epidermis. Skin will appear red but usually will not blister. First degree burns are expected to heal within ten days.

  • Second Degree- This type of burn is considered moderate to severe depending on whether it extends into the superficial dermis only or all the way to the reticular dermis. The skin will appear blistered and either red, yellow or white. Healing can take anywhere from two to eight weeks.

  • Third Degree- The most severe type of burn, third-degree extends through the entire dermis (deepest layer of skin) and the tissue underneath. Third-degree burns will cause the skin to appear stiff and either white or brown in color.

  • Internal Burns- Some may suffer from first, second or third-degree internal burns from inhaling or ingesting an extremely hot substance or a chemical. This might include damage to the lungs from a fire or stomach tissue damage from ingesting harmful chemicals.

Treatment options for burns depend upon a person's medical history, the type of burn, and the degree of the burn they suffered. One common treatment option for minor to moderate burns is antibiotics. These can prevent burns from getting infected or treat an already-present infection. For severe burns, usually third-degree, treatment will likely involve a skin or synthetic graft in addition to antibiotics. These grafts can use either synthetic materials or the victim's own skin tissue to cover exposed tissue and promote new skin growth.

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