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Biggest On-Site Threats to Construction Workers

According to accident statistics, below are three of the most common causes of construction-related injuries and deaths in the United States:

  • Nail guns and related tools, according to OSHA, cause "tens of thousands of serious injuries each year." Out of all the tools commonly used in the construction industry, nail gun accidents cause the highest number of hospitalizations.
  • Scaffolding and working from heights is the leading cause of injury and death in the construction field. Fault scaffolding and improper use of scaffolding are the primary reasons for construction falls. There are nearly 300 fall fatalities in this industry annually.
  • Crane and derrick mishaps usually result in fatalities or permanently debilitating injuries due to the size and weight of these massive machines. OSHA has implemented requirements for assembly, disassembly, operation, etc. of cranes and derricks to prevent avoidable accidents.

Workers' Compensation vs. Third Party Insurance Claims

Most construction workers are entitled to work injury benefits through workers' compensation insurance provided by their employer. In the event that you are injured in a construction accident, you must notify your employer or supervisor as soon as possible and they must notify their workers' comp insurance company so that you can receive the coverage you need to pay for medical expenses and work leave. Accepting workers' compensation releases the employer from being named as a defendant in a work injury lawsuit, but some injured construction workers may have the opportunity to file third party insurance claims.

Third party insurance claims are not between a worker and his or her employer, but are filed by the worker against an outside "third" party. For example, this type of claim can be filed against the manufacturer of a jackhammer that malfunctioned, injuring a construction worker. While the worker can claim workers' comp benefits, he or she may also be able to retain an injury attorney to file a lawsuit against the maker of this piece of construction equipment. Speak with a Houston construction accident lawyer at Stern Law Group to find out if you have the ability to file this type of lawsuit.

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