Meridia Lawsuits

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What is Meridia? Until 2010, it was prescribed to patients struggling with obesity. Meridia is the brand name for the drug sibutramine. It works by affecting the chemicals in the brain to encourage weight loss or weight management. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that "this drug may pose unnecessary cardiovascular risks to patients." In this same notice, the FDA requested Meridia be discontinued by its manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories.

Meridia Side Effects: Serious Cardiovascular Events

In 1997, this weight control drug was approved by the FDA. To qualify, patients had to have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Some patients with a lower BMI were prescribed Meridia if they also had additional risk factors. This drug was on the market for 13 years before it was finally recalled. A study called the Sibutramine Cardiovascular Outcomes (SCOUT) found that those who took Meridia were at a 16 percent greater risk for major cardiovascular events. Those events include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Cardiovascular death

Those in the SCOUT test group who took Meridia also lost less weight than those taking the placebo. Meridia is supposed to be taken in conjunction with diet and exercise, which indicates that diet and exercise alone was enough to manage a person's weight without the use of prescription drugs. After the results of this study were released, the FDA concluded that the risks of Meridia outweighed its benefits.

FDA Requirements for Doctors

When the FDA requested that Abbott recall Meridia, it also required doctors to call all patients whom they had prescribed the drug to tell them to cease use. Your doctor should have contacted you somehow to tell you of the serious risks of the drug and also should have discussed alternative treatments to combat obesity. AS of October 8, 2010, all doctors should have stopped prescribing Meridia to patients. If you were still taking Meridia after it was recalled because your doctor never notified you, then your healthcare provider could be held liable.

Houston Lawyers for Meridia Lawsuits

The Houston pharmaceutical lawyers at Stern Law Group are prepared to take on Meridia cases for individuals who may have suffered the devastating cardiovascular side effects. This potentially dangerous drug was marketed as a relatively safe way to manage your weight, but instead proved to have serious health consequences. If you or someone you love was taking Meridia, please don't hesitate to discuss your pharmaceutical case with an attorney from firm. Over 40,000 clients have chosen Stern Law Group as their advocate. To learn more about how our firm may be able to help you, call today.