Manufacturing Defects

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Manufacturing defects are one of the three possible grounds for product liability claims. In the law of product liability, manufacturing defects are defects that take place during the manufacturing phase of the process that result in dangerous products. When these dangerous products get into the hands of consumers, serious accidents and injuries can occur. Just about any product has the potential to be defective, but there are many reasons for those potential dangerous. If you or someone you love was injured by a dangerous product, then you may be able to hold he manufacturer liable. To learn more about product liability lawsuits, call a Houston defective product attorney at our firm today.

Manufacturing defects are distinct from the two other types of defects: marketing defects and design defects. The differences are explained in detail below:

Marketing Defects
In this way, products are dangerous because of faulty marketing. One example could be an improper age restriction or the lack of a warning label. Some marketing defect lawsuits are even filed because television and print advertisements depicted the product in a different light than what the product was actually intended to do.

Design Defects
In contrast to manufacturing defects, design defects occur when a product is defective from the very design stage. This means that even if the product was manufactured perfectly, it would still have posed a safety risk to consumers.

Manufacturing Defects
These types of product defects occur when the manufacturing strays from the product's intended design. Mistakes in the assembly and manufacturing process can result in massive product recalls either before or after accidents are reported.

Do you have a personal injury case?

If you were injured by a defective or dangerous product, you may have a personal injury case due to the United States consumer protection laws. These body of laws protect consumers from unfair business practices as well as consumer products that could cause them harm. In these cases, the injured party is the plaintiff and the defendant is the company that manufactured the defective product. Per Chapter 82 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, certain sellers who took no part in the manufacturing of the product are protected against consumer lawsuits. This means that strictly the company which manufactured the product could be held liable, rather than the company that sold the product.

If a lawyer evaluates your case and determines that your injuries were caused by an inherent defect in the manufacturing of the product, and not any other cause, then you may have a claim. An attorney will investigate to see if there are any other injury claims surfacing or any prior complaints of poor manufacturing against the manufacturing company in question. Your attorney's job will then be to show the connection between the poor manufacturing, the defective product and your injuries. Many of these cases, since they affect multiple consumers, are combined to form class action lawsuits. If you have a case, a Houston manufacturer defect attorney from Stern Law Group will fight to present a strong case proving the strict liability or negligence of the product manufacturer.

You could recover financial compensation in the form of economic damages, noneconomic damages and even punitive damages. The total recovery amount for these cases is typically a combination of the three, but results differ drastically from case to case. Often, noneconomic caps prevent compensation for pain and suffering from being very high, but economic damages for medical expenses and the like have no caps or "limits" on what you can recover. To learn more, please contact Stern Law Group today to discuss your case!