Truck Accidents Caused by Mechanical Defects in Houston

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One common cause of truck accidents is mechanical defects. If you or someone you love was injured in this type of accident, then you will need to file an accident claim with your auto insurance. These cases can become exceedingly complex because you will likely have to deal with the trucking company's insurance agency. Many truck accident victims are left wondering who is actually going to compensate them for the accident they were not responsible for.

Whether you have just begun the claims process or you are in the midst of a difficult truck accident claim, you can speak with a Houston attorney from Stern Law Group for legal counsel.

Common Mechanical Defects

To prevent these types of accidents from occurring, highway patrol is always on the lookout for trucks that may be unsafe, both on the road and when trucks stop at the scales. Truckers are issued tickets if highway patrol discovers mechanical defects that could lead to serious accidents. Truckers are required to report the problem to their employer so that the necessary repairs can be made. Unfortunately, since stopping for repairs can take up valuable time, many truckers ignore these warnings. Listed below are some of the most common mechanical defects that can lead to truck accidents.

Defective Tires
Truck tire blowout accidents are a common cause of motor vehicle collisions. Due to the size of 18-wheelers, tires can wear out more quickly. They require constant monitoring and frequent rotation and replacement. When tires begin to "bald" and lose their tread or tire pressure gets too low, serious accidents can occur. Although truckers are often warned at scales to fix defects such as tire problems, sometimes these warnings are ignored. This type of case would require a truck tire blowout accident lawyer to help you seek just compensation.

Brake Failure
It takes a large truck much longer to brake than it does a passenger vehicle. Truck brakes must be kept in pristine condition to ensure safe operation on roads and highways. Things like brake fluid and brake pads must be constantly monitored and replaced at consistent intervals. If this does not occur, brake failure can result in serious collisions.

Head, Tail and Side Light Outage
Truckers can be cited with traffic tickets for tail, head or even side lighting being out. These lights are crucial for the safe operation of motor vehicles at night and even on certain stretches of highway during the day.

Rear Guard Failure
Rear guards on commercial trucks have been a recent subject of controversy. Rear guards are metal bars below the tailgate and they are meant to prevent vehicles from getting caught under a truck. The height of a rear guard should hit a vehicle's grill so that the driver's windshield is not impacted. Unfortunately, safety tests have shown that these rear guards can break while a vehicle is traveling at just 35mph.

Stern Law Group for Mechanical Defect Claims

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident with an 18 wheeler or some other type of large commercial vehicle, get in touch with a lawyer at Stern Law Group. Accidents between trucks and passenger vehicles can often be devastating due to the sheer size difference. Drivers of commercial vehicles have a big responsibility to ensure safe operation of their truck. When they don't adhere to the rules and procedures, innocent victims can be injured.

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