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Being injured on the job can be a frightening experience for both injured workers and their loved ones. Fortunately, most Texas employers have a form of no-fault insurance known as workers' compensation. Workers' compensation benefits are designed to provide employees who suffer work injuries with financial assistance and medical benefits. Although workers' compensation is essential for injured workers and their families, the process of obtaining these benefits can be challenging.

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Texas Workers' Compensation Benefits

By filing a workers' compensation claim, injured workers relinquish their right to file claims of negligence against their employer. In return, they may receive financial compensation for various expenses and damages resulting from their injury.

Workers' compensation covers the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Compensation for lost work wages
  • Vocational rehabilitation or any necessary work training
  • Compensation for permanent injuries
  • Death benefits for families

Our legal team can help you determine what compensation you may be eligible to recover, and will work diligently to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. In each case we work, we provide step-by-step assistance and handle all legal work on our clients' behalves.

Learn More About Work Accidents and Workers' Compensation

The following topics can help you gain a better understanding of work accidents, on-the-job injuries and occupational illnesses - and your rights and duties under the Texas workers' compensation system. Review the summaries below or click on a subject to be directed to a page dedicated to that specific matter:

After a Workplace Accident
What should you do if you've been injured in a workplace accident? Our attorneys offer insight on the steps you should take immediately to protect your right to workers' comp benefits.

Injured Workers' Rights
As an injured worker, you have certain rights when it comes to workers' compensation. This includes the right to benefits for qualifying injuries and illnesses, the right to medical treatment, the right to choose your doctor and more.

On-the-Job Injuries
An on-the-job injury can affect your ability to work. It can result in extensive medical bills. Workers' compensation covers all on-the-job injuries and illnesses for eligible employees, which is virtually every employee in Texas. You can find out if you're covered by calling an attorney at our firm.

Types of Work-Related Accidents
Whether you work in construction, spend your days behind a desk in an office or drive a delivery truck, you may be in danger of suffering injury in a work-related accident. Our team handles cases involving slip and fall accidents, falls, auto accidents, oil field injuries, construction site accidents and every other type of workplace accident.

Work Accidents: Benefits & Medical Care
As a worker who has been injured in a work accident, you may have the right to income benefits and medical care. Workers' compensation is provided on a no-fault basis, meaning you do not have to prove that someone else was responsible for your injuries to seek these benefits.

Workers' Comp Hearings & Appeals
If your workers' comp claim is being disputed or has been denied, you can take specific steps to request a hearing and to file an appeal. This can help you seek a positive result to your claim, even if your employer or the workers' compensation insurance provider tries not to pay.

Your Responsibilities
It is important to understand your duties and responsibilities as an injured worker, as there are certain steps you need to take to protect your right to workers' compensation in Texas. This includes reporting your injury within 30 days of its occurrence and filing a workers' comp claim. We can help you understand these responsibilities as they apply to you.

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Workers who suffer harm during the course of performing a job-related duty may have the right to recover workers' compensation benefits. This includes both physical injuries and illnesses. Workers who suffer physical injuries on the job, including preexisting conditions made worse by the work environment, are often eligible to recover compensation. Additionally, employees who suffer diseases or illnesses as the result of toxic exposure in the workplace may also be eligible to recover compensation.

If you or your loved one has suffered a workplace injury or illness, acting quickly is of crucial importance. By contacting a Houston workers' compensation attorney from Stern Law Group as soon as possible, you can gain the immediate support and assistance needed to understand your rights and immediately begin working toward the compensation you need. We are available 24/7 to take your call and are equipped with more than 150 years of combined experience to handle your case.

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