Types of Work-Related Accidents

Work AccidentsYou Need an Experienced Houston Work Accident Lawyer

Whether you work in an office building and spend the majority of your time behind a desk or work in a Texas oil field performing highly physical labor, you may be injured in an accident. Work-related accidents affect employees in all sorts of industries with various job duties. Though the circumstances surrounding the incident may vary, the consequences of such an accident may be serious and far-reaching. That is why it is important to consider your right to workers' compensation benefits for a workplace accident.

Under the Texas workers' compensation system, injured employees are entitled to medical care and income benefits for all types of work-related accidents on a no-fault basis. You do not have to prove that someone else caused the accident in order to seek benefits, but you still must take certain steps to file a claim. A Houston workers' compensation attorney at Stern Law Group can offer insight and legal counsel in the face of any work accident, such as:

  • Slips, Trips and Falls
    This type of work accident may affect an employee in any field. Wet floors, objects in walkways, defective stairs and other hazards may cause an employee to slip, trip and/or fall. This can cause broken bones, sprains, head trauma and other injuries.
  • Falls from Heights
    Workers in construction and other fields where they must work on elevated surfaces, such as scaffolding or ladders, may be at risk of falling. These are a common cause of workplace injuries and may have catastrophic consequences for a worker, causing brain damage, paralysis, multiple broken bones and more.
  • Construction Accidents
    Widely recognized as one of the most dangerous fields, construction is associated with a number of different types of workplace accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the "fatal four" construction accidents are: electrocution, falls, struck-by objects and caught-in or between accidents.
  • Fires and Explosions
    Explosions and fires are extremely serious incidents that can cause numerous injuries or fatalities, depending on the scope and environment. Workers at plants, oil fields and chemical storage facilities may be at risk of suffering injury in these accidents.
  • Industrial Accidents
    These work-related accidents may affect plant employees, oil field workers, mill workers and manufacturing facilities. Some examples may include falls from heights, injuries caused by falling objects, electrical hazards, heavy machinery malfunction and chemical exposure.
  • Work-Related Auto Accidents
    Employees who operate or work in close proximity to motor vehicles may experience serious injuries in auto accidents. Delivery drivers, truck drivers, construction workers and others may have workers' compensation claims for these collisions.
  • Heavy Machinery Accidents
    When workers must perform their job duties using or working in close proximity to heavy machinery, power tools and other equipment, they may be at risk of catastrophic injuries if an accident occurs. Some examples include: machine entanglement, crush injuries, assembly line accidents, electrical accidents and equipment malfunction.
  • Chemical Exposure Accidents
    Employees who work with hazardous chemicals could be in danger of suffering chemical burns, eye injury, respiratory injuries and neurological damage if exposed to these. Some chemicals and other hazardous substances, such as asbestos, can cause cancer and other life-threatening medical conditions if workers are exposed.
  • Falling Object Accidents
    Workers in warehouses, at construction sites and even retail stores could be injured by falling objects. These accidents may occur if cargo, retail items, tools and other supplies are not properly secured on higher surfaces, striking and injuring workers below.
  • Oil Field Accidents
    The oil and gas industry has a strong presence in Texas and is known as one of the most dangerous fields to work in. Roustabouts, derrick operators, rotary drill operators, pumpers and all other types of workers may be in danger of injury in accidents caused by safety violations, equipment malfunction or simply unforeseen circumstances.

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