Work Accidents: Benefits & Medical Care

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Have you been injured in a work accident? From an escalator accident in an office building to a ladder fall at a construction site, workplace accidents can cause serious injuries. Recovering compensation and receiving medical treatment are of the utmost importance, and fortunately the Texas workers' compensation system offers a way for injured workers to seek the help they need. To learn more about benefits offered for work-related accidents under the workers' comp system, please read on. You can also call our offices at any time to talk to a Houston workers' compensation attorney about your particular accident, injury and concerns. We are here to help.

When a person is injured in any type of accident at the workplace or while performing the duties associated with his or her job, he is most likely covered by workers' compensation. Nearly all Texas employees are eligible, and benefits for work accidents are provided on a no-fault basis. This means that the injured worker does not need to prove that someone else caused the accident in order to recover compensation. The only requirement is that the accident must be work-related.

Some examples of workplace accidents that may qualify for workers' comp benefits include:

Types of Benefits Available

When a worker sustains injury in such an incident, he or she may be entitled to one or more of four types of benefits: income, medical, burial or death.

  • Income benefits replace a portion of a worker's lost wages while he or she is unable to work. The amount of income benefits a worker can receive for a work accident will vary depending on the extent and duration of his or her disability. These benefits may also not exceed the "state average weekly wage" or SAWW, which is equal to 88% of the average weekly wage computed by the Texas Workforce Commission. This amount will vary from year to year.
  • Medical benefits pay for all necessary medical care related to the worker's injuries. This may include treatment itself, such as surgery or diagnostic tests, as well as medication and medical supplies.
  • The last two benefits, burial benefits and death benefits, apply to families of workers who have lost their lives in workplace accidents, covering funeral expenses and a portion of lost income the worker would have earned. Death benefits, like income benefits, are limited based of the SAWW.

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Recovering the benefits you deserve after a work accident is not always easy. You may run into difficulties if the workers' compensation insurance provider believes your injury is not work-related or that you are otherwise ineligible for benefits. A Houston workers' compensation lawyer can help you from the very beginning, in filing your claim and then addressing any issues that may arise. If your claim is disputed or has been denied, your lawyer can take the necessary steps to appeal the denial or request a hearing to address the dispute.

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